Some Gangsters Told Dude To Pull Up To The Gas Station Then Shot At Him


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By: yrnnick   Channel : Hood Clips  

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Info : Published on Apr 23, 2020

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fobbs12345 7 months ago

Ask and ye shall receive

laquan32 7 months ago

funny how that Sh*t works out

jbland 7 months ago

Fake azz shii!... go quarantine wit cho goofy azz...

thehazeofourlives 7 months ago

See there? Talkin loud but sayin nothing and clearly wasnt ready for that smoke.

cahunnapressure 7 months ago

Your can hear them B*****s flying around his head smh.. Pride is a mfer

legacy 7 months ago

Well you did say they were lying..

blackfact61 7 months ago

The First 48 got real shit, This look like some low budget acting to me! Can’t get back a minute and 8 seconds of my life watching what I refer to as NOTHING!

yuko23 7 months ago

You capping live boy we got on film lmao, Travis Scott fortnite concert was lit btw

hiram357 7 months ago

Not Chicago