This Is Where Racism Starts 🤣


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Info : Published on Jun 03, 2020

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arianass 6 months ago

Obama vs Trump

ericgilbert21 6 months ago

This 20lb kid whooping a 60lb kid Azz, quite the feat

sorove 6 months ago

F*ck yes.

lboogie38 6 months ago

Racism is taught at home.stuff like this just shows their inferiority

cwash 6 months ago

Well the fat white boy is clearly no match for the slim fit (not 20 lbs) black boy. If the white boy would have prevailed then the taunting laughing bystanders would have entervened on behalf of the black boy. After the white boy lost and was continued to be beat they just laughed. THIS IS WHERE RACISM BEGINS.

ericgilbert21 6 months ago

Pretty sure that’s untrue cause there more whites then black out there. Watch the vid again, notice the two white kids watching and I will assume the one taken the vid is black. Therefore I doubt they would have help the black kid if he lost. I believe everything is mutual, outcome would have been the same.

ericgilbert21 6 months ago

Then there is, if white kid won he could have did more damage to the black kid. I’m pretty sure the white kid was a lot stronger, he just didn’t have the skills to use it. If they did stop the fight and the white kid won, probable cause would be the white kid is bigger not because of race. Honestly, the it’s the way you think and your comment is what cause the the racism

ericgilbert21 6 months ago

Then listen to the vid, the white kids are taunting and laughing more then the black kid that’s taking the video. Note, no one else was fighting or arguing. I’m pretty their all friends, the two just had a scuffle, nothing to do with race. Simp

slapnbitches 6 months ago

Ericgilbert21 I agree

thehazeofourlives 6 months ago


smake333 6 months ago

Use your weight fat boi

sgtwilliedsnutts 6 months ago

"White boy cant jump or fight!"

mranderson 6 months ago

That african amoerican kid sure knows how to fight

whiteymctrash 3 months ago

Roscoe35 would of died.

greenrod 6 months ago

Honkies are pathetic and weak like an B*tch. This video is super embarrassing too honky blue foot white supremacy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣