19-Year-Old Girl Get Stripped And Beaten For Giving Herpes To A 12-Year-Old Boy


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Info : Published on Aug 07, 2019

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onlychemical 11 months ago

That chick is a plain out pedo. I'm barley 18 and would never even consider dating a 12-13 year old let alone screw one. Let's be honest, if she were a dude she'd be in prison serving some serious time. This was r*pe but no one wants to call it that because she's a female and the victim was a boy.

hydratedh2o 1 year ago

these hoes aint loyal, dumb bitch, don't take no 'friend' with you to the doctor, these type of B*****s gonna tell the world. and these other B*****s know they were fuckin grown Azz men at 12-13 too. they all going to jail now. and since they stripped her and put it on the internet for all, they all are also going to be sex offenders.

knutz666 1 year ago

some friends and I had that conversation just the other day . these females start out early nowadays

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

She took his virginity and gave him VD...that's 2 gifts for the price of 1

knutz666 1 year ago

damn she got 40 yr old titties

suckyducky 1 year ago

Hell nah you dont need help you getting what you deserve you know your puss.y bumpy

alligator 1 year ago

Good she deserved to get beat

solo21 6 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

jlast460 2 months ago

What did you delete your comment?

superiorbeing 1 year ago

Who are these lil hoes to punish this girl? Somebody expose these B*****s fb and make them viral viral! Nobody give you the right to chastise anyone! NamesjQuery33104376041544810334_1565225571611??

kimbee 11 months ago

He'll no she needs yo be exposed if she aint telling him that means she not telling anyone else who she fucks.. That stuff is stuck with you for life!! You best believe you be telling everyone before F**k then.. Then telling everyone i think good as i said before she prob havnt told anyone..

jlast460 2 months ago

You're sick kimbee nothing cool or okay with a grown woman sleeping with a young boy pedophilia isn't cool just because a woman is doing it y'all sick SMH.

legacy 1 year ago

Nice Titties.

knutz666 1 year ago

old B*****s do the same damn thing , these hoes aint clean

solo21 6 months ago

Why they tripping like that, she under 18 plus the young N***a must got game...shit be proud he ain't gay.

mikeb227 2 months ago

8 out of 10 females have HPV

chevyboy1015 1 year ago

Full link ?

bigdawg 1 year ago

Dayum, grown women outchea F**king 12 year old boysjQuery33107597657993271362_1565221682983? Is all the dudes locked up or something? I thought this was a white wimmens thang. smdh

superiorbeing 1 year ago

Who are these lil hoes to punish this girl? Somebody expose these bihs fb and make them viral viral! Nobody gives you the right to chastise anyone! NamesjQuery33106984997834127379_1565225814986??

edthegodking 1 year ago

dang..that pedophile got some nice tiddays tho damn shame...what a waste

doctormagic 1 year ago

her titties look nice