Racist Volkswagen Ad Shows A Giant White Hand Flicking A Black Person Away From A Vw Golf And In To A Shop Called Little Colonist Report

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4823 Videos . Published on May 21, 2020

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penomen36 10 days ago

lol .... just look what letters are show first in the end

penomen36 10 days ago

grüße aus deutschland . i know what its saying but the first letters few letters you can see are saying literally the n word in german.
btw ... sry for my bad english

penomen36 10 days ago

pause at 00:08

roscoe35 10 days ago

It literally says 'The New Golf'

roscoe35 10 days ago

Not everything is racist you politically correct, cancel culture, virtual signalling snowflakes.

greater20 10 days ago

Great commercial

bigjay 10 days ago

Ohhh the inhumanity