So You Just Gonna Pretend Like You Don't No Wtf Is Goin On?


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By: bucknasty

Channel : Sus Nighas  
Info : Published on Nov 01, 2019

Tags : Fb, FACEBOOK, dl, tranny,

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yungthundacats 11 months ago

He obviously knew and didnt care.

blacksfarsuperior 11 months ago

What was going on, that was a man?

bucknasty 11 months ago


bigdawg 11 months ago

Obviously he don't care

cityman313 11 months ago

That's a dude he knows it????

manmadddd 11 months ago

I feel bad for these new children being born today won't know a man from a woman with all this technology

sgtwilliedsnutts 3 months ago

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sgtwilliedsnutts 3 months ago

All them N****s commenting in her dms too why are they watching twerk? if they are turned off by trannies,/ Lol DL N****s smh not every blk guy is not insecure about their sexuality we just do us cant nobody stop us from getting black trans P***y 4 life we dont give a fuck!

teddylee 11 months ago

He definitely knew.

job314 11 months ago

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money123 11 months ago

He knows very well lol

jeff 11 months ago


snappy77 11 months ago

that's a man

bucknasty 11 months ago

See how I always say world star they stole this one and I know they didn't see the original smdh

batman20 11 months ago

Boy gone get his booty hole spread