Guy Was So Excited About His New Car Then This Happened Report

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5705 Videos . Published on Oct 04, 2019

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bigsen 6 months ago

he going back to rent a uber car...

factsonly 6 months ago

Lol more than likely gasoline was was leaking out of injectors down inside the engine block and caught on fire..when you purchase a used luxary car the seller doesnt always repair it properly why because its expensive as shit and he wouldnt make a profit on selling a 10 year old car...emagine how expensive that shit would be to fix if that was the they just throw some shit together enough to pass inspection and sell them to idiots like him who in a hurry to buy sonething and flex on the gram...dumbass!

sunnyvoodooo 6 months ago

Damn thats wild

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

Happens everytime they play my music.....damn

lilgeorge 6 months ago

Wtf happened here

money123 6 months ago

Lol wow

snappy77 6 months ago

If ir ain't for bad luck some of us would have none smh

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

I said the same shit when I got cancer for the 8th time....

danilo557 6 months ago

Aint that some shit

brodriguez 6 months ago

He was flossin too hard

liljg28200 6 months ago

When the Clout fights back. Lol