Guy Sucker Punches And Knocks Out A 64-Year-Old Man At Bar For Complementing His Woman


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Info : Published on May 02, 2020

RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. — A man has been arrested after "sucker-punching" a 64-year-old man and then kicking the unconscious man in the head at a Columbia bar and grill in March.

Warren James Bailey, 47, was arrested on charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature after turning himself in on Monday.

Deputies say they were dispatched to respond to reports of an assault at Legacy Bar & Grill at 215 O'Neil Court around 9:13 on March 8, before Governor McMaster issued a state of emergency on March 13.

When deputies arrived, they say they found a 64-year-old man injured on the floor, bleeding. He was rushed to the hospital. It would take weeks for the victim’s condition to improve to the point that he could speak with investigators.

WARNING: Some may find video disturbing.

Though a security video captured the assault, without audio, deputies say it was unclear what led up to the incident. The victim said that he had complimented a woman sitting next to him, who was with Bailey at dinner. The comments reportedly enraged Bailey, who then instructed the woman to leave the establishment, under the guise that he needed to use the restroom.

Bailey then approached the 64-year-old, confronted him and sucker punched him, according to officials. The blow knocked the 64-year-old to the ground, unconscious. While still on the floor, Bailey walked up to the man and kicked him in the head.

Bailey then fled in the vehicle of his companion, who was unaware of the incident that had taken place.

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nice 7 months ago

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roscoe35 7 months ago

Let me add there are plenty of rednecks and college frat boys that would do the same.

tabootexas 4 months ago

Yeah but black men only make up like 7 percent of the population and commit 56 percent of the murders in the country.

roscoe35 7 months ago

Some N*****s can't take a compliment.