Dude Push Tf Out Of His Landlord For Refusing To Leave His Apartment Report

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8678 Videos . Published on Oct 06, 2019

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snappy77 10 months ago

evict me or get the F**k out lol

odysseydoll 10 months ago

Thats crazy but the man should have moved out of his doorway.

bootlegyourmom 10 months ago

N****s don't pay rent. Too dumb to invest,..too busy clubbin and buying shiny Sh*t and clothes that wont last. Back to Taco Bell trarozay !!

brodriguez 10 months ago

Now ur homeless lol. The landlord was in the wrong but he handled it wrong

nice 10 months ago

You know this N***a did not pay his rent.

manowar 10 months ago


lilgeorge 10 months ago

just leave

money123 10 months ago

Now you homeless lol

legacy 10 months ago

Well now you're officially out of a place to live

bigsen 10 months ago