Fedex Suspends Racist Employee Who Mocked George Floyd's Death To Protesters


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Info : Published on Jun 10, 2020

A group of white counter-protesters has sparked outrage by taunting a #BlackLivesMatter protest with a sign reading '#AllLivesMatter as they appeared to reenact the death of George Floyd.

The incident, which resulted in the suspension of a corrections officer and the firing of a FedEx employee who participated, occurred on Monday in Franklinville, New Jersey, an unincorporated community in the southern part of the state.

In video of the encounter, which was shared widely on social media, protesters march along a street chanting 'George Floyd!' and 'Black Lives Matter!' The video shows they are being escorted by local police.

They pass a private property filled with firewood for sale. Video filmed by someone marching shows a man kneeling on the neck of another man shouting back at protesters. Protesters shout back.
Two more men are standing nearby and one of them is filming on a cellphone. The group is standing on the roadside in front of a pickup truck outfitted with an American flag and a Trump banner. Several others are nearby. An 'All Lives Matter' sign is also hanging.

Another truck shows the 'thin blue line' flag, meant to show support for law enforcement workers.

The video has garnered tens of thousands of views and shares on social media.

Floyd, a black man, was pinned to the pavement May 25 by a white Minneapolis police office who put his knee on Floyd's neck for several minutes, even after Floyd stopped responding. Protests have been held in cities and towns around the world calling for an end to police brutality and systemic racism.

The New Jersey Department of Corrections put out a statement Tuesday afternoon that said they were made aware that one of its officers participated in the filming of a 'hateful and disappointing video that mocked the killing of George Floyd.'

'The individual has been suspended from their post and banned from NJDOC facilities pending a thorough and expedited investigation,' the statement said.
It's unknown which of the people in the video works for the Department, which did not identify the employee by name.

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