You Stupid Black Dumb Sumamab*tch’: Woman Goes Off On Social Media Prankster For Playing Too Much


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Info : Published on Apr 01, 2020

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dangalaga 7 months ago

I hate these stupid unfunny losers that go in public pointing their cameras at people,they have zero talent that's why they need the public to get views,all these weirdos do is see other idiots on social media doing this dumb s h i t and they copy them,the crap is never funny,I wish she would have been strapped and shot that fatherless bastard,they're showing her but hiding his face,black dumb sonofabitch

ceddbo005 7 months ago

I agree, it's never racist if it's from another black but if it was a white woman. They would want her hanged and beaten

biggjimmy 7 months ago

So is it racist when white boys call each other woods? Or white boy? You sound stupid! But how many blacks have ran down a White person and lynch them for not walking in the gutter when they walk by? Or not put they head down? Or not answer to boy as a grown Azz man? All you white people do is complain! Just like the 3 comments on here, complaining

kingshawn 7 months ago

How come none of you F*****t blacks called this B***h a racist? If she was white you would have. You pathetic, weak, professional victims!

biggjimmy 7 months ago

Same reason you cheer when 1 of you honkeys kill babies and rape babies! Yall crackers F**k animals, hope your pink B***h Azz catch carona virus with your nasty Azz

dangalaga 7 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

person 7 months ago

She racist for that