Woman Strips Naked In Walmart To Prove She Didn’t Steal Report

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3098 Videos . Published on Sep 29, 2019

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gimmieasmallslice 4 months ago

He's the one who stole

mar94 4 months ago


lilgeorge 4 months ago

all clear

money123 4 months ago

Wow that's a keeper

maddworld1 4 months ago

Lawsuit coming soon.

atp2 2 months ago


shooterboi1017 4 months ago

See I hate shopping at Walmart

brodriguez 4 months ago

Walmart brings out all the freaks.

bigdawg 4 months ago

Cavity search....

Pinchy123 4 months ago

I'm surprised she wasn't black and had to do that.lmao jk

hydratedh2o 4 months ago

so we all just gonna act like we didn't see this he-bitch wearing a fuckin purse?! no wonder his bitch out here acting crazy, hard to control your bitch when y'all wearing the same accessories, fag!

btw 4 months ago

She didn't do it