Smh: White Racist Family Jumps Black Teen And Let Their Pitbull Attack Him Report

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118 Videos . Published on Aug 08, 2019
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Smh: white racist family jumps black teen and let their pitbull attack him

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zodd 12 days ago

That white family is going to jail. I hope the homeys shoot up the white folks house when they get out on bond.

sys 12 days ago

Did you watch the end? The white dude gets beat up by the brother.

zodd 12 days ago

I did... but I still would need more payback.

zodd 12 days ago

That black teen could have knocked out two of those grown white men, but the crackers had to use a dog and the rest of his inbred family. Typical. SMH

mindbodysoul 12 days ago

That was actually really hard to watch

alligator 12 days ago

The white guy got beat up at the end lol

suckyducky 12 days ago

I loved the end yall hard in a group but weak alone

fuxwitit247 12 days ago

Damn...they fucked him up....I've seen softer gang initiations

alligator 12 days ago

I would smoke those unseasoned chicken honks in a second

benevoletracist 12 days ago

I wonder what the dogs name was ? "Sic em Skippy" doesn't sound intimidating.

bootlegyourmom 12 days ago

Good ole white family just taking out the trash.
The B-Lack will have some nice scars to show for it.
Good Doggy!