Sharing Is Caring: Mother And Daughter Got Into A Heated Argument Over A Man


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By: theduck1893

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Info : Published on Mar 26, 2020

Tags : family, cheaters, fight,

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cannon87 6 months ago

This is so F**king sad

ilovecerealmilk 6 months ago

Meanwhile bro at the house with his wife

beingnosey 6 months ago

Damn that's one F****d up mother/daughter relationship

flex2020 6 months ago

Never go back and forth with your mom like that no matter what

uncrownedgecko 6 months ago

This is old but still sad. Women are crazy

whiteymctrash 6 months ago

Blacks for TRUMP people.

whiteymctrash 6 months ago

Meanwhile he is cooped up with a Mexican girl that cooks, clean, and sucks his Dxck while never asking where he goes.