Damn: Dude Got Shot In The Stomach And This Is How He Got Treated In The Hospital Report

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1055 Videos . Published on Aug 14, 2019
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reaihated 7 days ago

My mother used to clean hospitals at night and she told me when black males come in her and the caucasian staff goes crazy we get to dope them up and suck the smegma from the genital areas we love African smegma and yeast I bet this guy wasn't too happy about having his genitals caressed by the caucasian staff but I bet they still got to inhale his sultry smegma im sure of it

fuxwitit247 7 days ago

I know a good therapist if you need one....

mrallen912 7 days ago


realhated 7 days ago


nikkilove 7 days ago

Disgusting. Any medical professional that let this happen, knowing that this man could go into shock and die from any amount of stress, should not be working.

This officer should be stripped of all powers and sent home or to the mental institution, immediately. What has happened in america that it is normal to watch people die and have zero compassion? Shameful. I hope his family watches this.

benevoletracist 7 days ago

yep sue the hospital and sue the cop. He might not be a cop just a janitor in a uniform

fuxwitit247 7 days ago

When you running for surgeon general?

rekklesp 7 days ago

It be ya own nigas smh

realhated 7 days ago

lol what a drama queen. but he was a thug just yesterday, I bet.

fuxwitit247 7 days ago

It's amazing that bullet didnt keep him from talking....

benevoletracist 7 days ago

Well he wasn't shot in the throat was he ?