Hilarious Psa Features Porn Actors Talking To Kids About Sex

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Published on Jun 12, 2020

the best thing to come out of New Zealand of late is the news that the entire country is COVID-free. The second best thing is this PSA from the New Zealand government that uses porn actors to remind parents of the importance of talking to their kids about the difference between what they see in pornography and the real world of sex.

The spot, which is part of New Zealand’s Keep It Real Online internet safety campaign, opens with a pair of nude performers — a buxom brunette woman and a quite muscular dude — knocking on a front door, their butts hidden by a strategically placed front gate.

A middle-aged woman answers and Sue and Derrick tell her “we’re here because your son just looked us up online, you know, to watch us.” Mom calls for her son to come downstairs as the duo rattles off a list of the devices kids can use to access porn (it’s a long list).

“We usually perform for adults, but your son’s just a kid. He might not know how relationships actually work,” Sue says. “We don’t even talk about consent, do we? No, just get straight to it.”

“Not that I act like that in real life,” Derrick adds.

The curious young man finally descends the stairs, spots the visitors, and promptly drops the plate he was holding. We hear his mom’s thoughts, which sum up what every parent should think about this admittedly uncomfortable subject.

“OK, Sandra, stay calm. You know what to do here.” She starts a conversation with her son as Sue waves and Derrick flashes a thumbs up.

“It’s time for us to talk about the difference between what you see online and real life relationships. No judgment.”

It’s solid advice delivered in a funny way that makes this spot more effective than one without a sense of humor. Score another one for the Kiwis.