Ontario Police Make $250 Million Cocaine Bust Report

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47982 Videos . Published on Aug 29, 2017
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According to Canada’s Global News, the $250 million worth of cocaine was found inside of shipping containers in the Port of Montreal. The containers had arrived from Argentina and were earmarked for distribution in Ontario and other parts of Canada.

These drug smugglers are getting more clever than ever. They had hidden the 1,062 kilos of pure cocaine inside of huge rocks.

“Inside of the palettes were numerous rocks. A few of the random stones would have cocaine. These stones were put together with cement and the cocaine was sealed inside,” OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum said.

“I can’t really say the source of the cocaine, to where it was actually produced,” Barnum said. “I will say there are definite connections to Mexico and the Mexican cartel.”

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