Just Nasty: Girl Gets Pooped On And Eats It Report

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18066 Videos . Published on Jun 19, 2019

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piecesgirl72 8 months ago

Nasty trifling ass bitch and nigga!!!! WTF!!! Is really going on here. These hoes today ain't shit!!!! That includes the nigga!!!! FUCK OFF!!!

mrrandom3d 6 months ago

Don't blame her blame them, nasty ass niggas. Creating my disease for the prostitution ring

slipknot31187 6 months ago

So this is nasty but its cool when a chick wants a dude to eat her ass? Its the same fuckin thing licking an asshole as it is to eat shit same exact thing but I bet you be tellin men to eat your ass so dont be a hypocrite

migidy 9 months ago

What rhe actual fuck are y'all putting on here.

mrrandom3d 6 months ago

Nasty ass monkey men

oneone 6 months ago


mrrandom3d 6 months ago

Nasty ass men creating more problems for the woman creating more diseases for the prostitution community. Sick fucking men of a money

mrrandom3d 6 months ago

Where tf is this at?
I hope not Atlanta

cooldaddyo215 29 days ago

its called a Cleveland steamer very popular with the prostitutes and white dudes from the suburbs. when you cant be satisfied with the normal shit no more might as well introduce real SHIT lmfao nasty mf

slipknot31187 6 months ago

Everybody talking shit but if it was a dude licking a girls asshole its cool cuz he just eating her ass... its the same exact fuckin thing whether your licking an asshole or your eating shit