Girl Gets Jumped By Popeyes Employees After She Threw Something At One Of Them Report

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3039 Videos . Published on Sep 26, 2019

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maddworld1 4 months ago

Shouldn’t have did that shit

girlfriend 2 months ago

Last time she tried THAT shit....

legacy 4 months ago

All the employees that threw punches have been fired

legacy 4 months ago

It's an automatic rule. First of all... Those girls didn't have to come out, but they chose to do so anyway...then several girls came out and threw punches on that one girl and they kept on at her. Plus you had the manager trying to get them to stop but had absolutely no control over them. Once those punches have been thrown and you could have easily avoided that.. That's grounds for automatic termination and you know the general manager is owners are going to know about this... And it's zero tolerance for fighting.

bootlegyourmom 4 months ago

legacy so the sheboons will now apply at Taco bell.
The shit cycle coontinues.

brodriguez 4 months ago

You know this how?

lusty-phool 3 months ago

DAMN, shoulda dragged her ass back to the kitchen and put her hand in the deep fryer

Pinchy123 3 months ago

People need to c their way the fuck went from a and b

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

That dude was like....."this is may chance to get some pussy, I need to cover her and protect her."

bootlegyourmom 4 months ago

The fat white hoe will always be a customer of that type of establishment, and the sheboons behind the counter will be just that...cashiers and drive thru hoes for life.

bigsen 4 months ago


bigjay 4 months ago

I saw the cashier throw her headset at white girl, and white girl threw it back. Those bitches behind the counter hate the wytegurl. They had to beat that white bitches ass for disrespecting.

bigjay 4 months ago

I also love how the poster lies about whats going on here. Clearly that was ken AH take yaw awrder headset being tossed back at black qweens face and then the Bees attacked. This is so common though, and typical of media mainstream anti white racism.