After Announcing Lowest Crime Rate In A Decade In Baton Rouge, Two Baton Rouge Police Officers Were Shot In A Barrage Of Gunfire Sunday Afternoon


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Info : Published on Apr 27, 2020

Two #BatonRouge Police officers were shot in a barrage of gunfire Sunday afternoon after responding to reports of shots being fired around a house on Conrad Drive near the corner of Winbourne Avenue and N. Foster.

WBRZ news crews on the scene reported seeing SWAT and other tactical units block off the street where a man believed to be the gunman was locked inside a house. The man was in a standoff with authorities on the outside, who were heard calling to him using a bullhorn.

The police chief and the mayor of Baton Rouge were on the scene not long after the two officers were shot.
@theadvocatebr speaking with unnamed sources, reported the gunman was wanted in a deadly domestic violence-related shooting earlier in the day. The newspaper reported a source said the gunman was tied to the earlier shooting where one person died.

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