Wife Caught Cheating On Husband In Parking Lot Of Grocery Store Report

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3054 Videos . Published on Oct 31, 2019

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blacksfarsuperior 3 months ago

Cave chronicles

the12deel 3 months ago

Wow she flipped the script

jimmy 3 months ago

Yup every woman does that, They get caught and flip the script. You cannot trust them..

slim3542 3 months ago

Ive seen many cheating men do the same thing. And the weak lowselfesteem woman stays. Smh.

dickdangles 3 months ago

She just sucking him off

manmadddd 3 months ago

"Come here I wanna talk to you" that's creepy by its self

benevoletracist 3 months ago

Bye Whore.

fuxwitit247 3 months ago

You dont want to have this the rest of your life....

slim3542 3 months ago

The husband sounds like an idiot thats going to stay married to her. She's a cum bag. Smh.

crimson94 3 months ago

Recognized those Canadian accents. They're definitely staying together lol

normalthom 3 months ago

How many times can I say fuck in just a couple minutes?

atp2 3 months ago

Don't get mad because you fucking got caught these hoes are a trip

money123 3 months ago

She need some d

staylaughinatchall 3 months ago

these 2 have the most fucked up voices ever... imagine them talking dirty to each other hahahahaha

staylaughinatchall 3 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

camm38 3 months ago

White people are childish.. listen to how they sound.. this is the MAJORITY of white people.. think I’m lying or being racist then u don’t know real white people lbvs

snappy77 3 months ago


eazye03 3 months ago

Her voice is fuckin TERRIBLE

tori123 3 months ago


bigsen 1 month ago

he not leaving..