77 Year-Old Retired Cop Working For A Pawn Shop Killed By Looters In St. Louis Report

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9613 Videos . Published on Jun 06, 2020

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xratedmusic 2 months ago

the actions that these people are making will carry a lifetime of regret and they fail to understand that....this happened in St Louis Missouri,on the North side at Lee's Pawn and Jewelry....I live on the south side of St Louis and I feel like I was there and could do nothing to help....this man was just protecting his business and the income for his family and you punk b****** kill em for some temporary pleasure because you're a piece of s***.....f*** you mother f*****and anybody who finds this scenario pleasing funny or anyway opposite of heartbreaking....karmic debt is very real and everybody who is out committing these little crimes and Major Crimes will feel the rebuttal

kuttboi86 2 months ago

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roscoe35 2 months ago

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morgan94 2 months ago

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kuttboi86 2 months ago

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roscoe35 2 months ago

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southeastbeast 2 months ago

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greater20 2 months ago

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kuttboi86 2 months ago

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greater20 2 months ago

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dria10172 2 months ago

I hate when people record shit. Put the F**king phone down and call 911, or try to help the man! I wish he would have got the people plate #

niecyjay 1 month ago


cwash 2 months ago

Dis sure don't make us look good. Why we be like dis? Is dis reallie di white mans fault?

dansby0427 2 months ago

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