Dude Gets Killed On Facebook Live After Being Set Up By His Friend That Was With Him


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Crazy  

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Info : Published on Jan 24, 2020

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kuttboi86 9 months ago

U uh whole ho out chea boy for dat u P***y i hope dem N****s kill u kuz dey kant trust u for u to set up yo N***a u uh B***h made N***a i hope u die a slow torturous death

kuttboi86 8 months ago

Kingshawn check dis out B***h boi I dnt wit children only Gay muhfuka on here is the lil sissy tlkin bout Gay Sh*t we know yo daddy still taking yo boo hole I dnt do internet arguing u kan pull up tho I like to fight if u in Jacksonville let me know I'll drop mi address fuk boi hate u lil F*****t fuks B***h N***a die on mi soul

kingshawn 9 months ago

Shut up Gay boy. Go back to sleep before yo momma sees you are awake looking at pg videos!

tsavage17 8 months ago

are you bored or sumn? F**k outta here u keyboard warrior

kingshawn 9 months ago

Ignorant black culture

kingshawn 9 months ago

No because blacks are too scared to turn in killers. They have no honor!

kuttboi86 8 months ago

Kingshawn n u P***y krackas kill kuz yall mama won't buy y'all beer or yo sister won't fuk u no mo or daddy stop dickin u dwn???????????? kill yo self jus like the rest of yo kind P***y boi u a whole B***h out here we see the B***h in u

destinychoosen1 9 months ago

Did they catch the killer

hahalatrelle 9 months ago

Words from the wise friend ends with an end for a reason (Message) so if u calling someone ur friend then be careful..... This is a cold dirty world we live in an u can't trust nobody not even a niggah u grew up with an I'm speaking Factz

teddylee 9 months ago

How do we know that the set up was by the friend?

batman20 9 months ago

This is just F****d up

peanut11212 25 days ago

People love going live smh

josephaaneya 9 months ago


destinychoosen1 9 months ago

Did they catch his killers

tori123 8 months ago


yeahcookie 9 months ago

So F****d up u can hear him moaning for life ????