Mother Beats Her Son Azz With A Belt In Front Of The Teachers At School After The Teacher Called Her At Work And Said He Was Acting Up Report

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3820 Videos . Published on Nov 07, 2019
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Bad Parenting

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Right or Wrong ? Mom discipline her son with a whooping while at school


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phillyb7420 5 months ago

I bet you he makes it in this life and to all you people saying she went to far your the reason schools get shot up and kids walk around Walmart calling their mother a bitch these kids today have nothing to fear therefore nothing to really respect

jayewho 5 months ago

I saw nothing wrong here.

eazye03 5 months ago

She is going directly to jail and deserves. stupid fuckin bitch.... This is strictly for attention, which is why she had a friend record it. Dumb nigga! This shit pissed me the fuck off. She JUST lost her child

lilgeorge 5 months ago

Rog why is this video not on the trending list

Rog 5 months ago

I created a system that does that automatically but it uses about 10 factors to determine

lilgeorge 5 months ago

Rog thanks for the response

teddylee 5 months ago

Mom is showing out for her friends why wouldn't he?

chrisgambino 5 months ago

No wonder why he acts up at school.

bigjay 5 months ago

Good on her, hope they didn't call the cops and cps on her though. That shit is against the law now. I was raised like that. It humbles you for sure. But she will always be the meanest bitch in his life. He may not want to deal with that the rest of his life. Might just go settle down with a good white woman.

gil 5 months ago

It may be over the top,but what will it take to save his life?

alligator 5 months ago

No need to do it in public. The mom is so ghetto and rachet. He’s probably gonna shoot her in her sleep.

jayb 5 months ago

Lool I bet he ain’t gonna act up at school again but i know that teacher felt bad asf for callin his mom after????????

fuckoutmyface 5 months ago

Wrong. Do that shit at the house

onlychemical 5 months ago

This isn't discipline, this is straight up abuse. This kind of parenting will only produce an angry crime-drawn man. Hope that kid gets taken away, that's his only fighting chance.

josephaaneya 5 months ago


lilgeorge 5 months ago

mom chill

snappy77 5 months ago


mrallen912 5 months ago

Black bitches are dumb

1000grms 5 months ago

I know his pain all too well loool but this will go two ways 1 you will fix up and learn to respect others or 2 the son will grow up to hate you on the low

skippi 5 months ago

She’s not a bad mother for beating her kid, but she’s a bad mother for how she beat him. Hit him but don’t fucking throw him around like a damn rag doll a few spanks to the ass straightens a kid out.

hecter 5 months ago

Shit I’m scared of her..

bigdawg 5 months ago

That kid is ruint. Mom ain't shit. All that extra is why he's acting up in school. Lil dude just imitating what he sees at home. You can say all the shit you want, but kids will end up copying all the shit you do in front of them. Monkey see monkey do.

deemoe 5 months ago

Foxy Brown is the Momma of the year

money123 5 months ago

Let's get it

batman20 5 months ago

I was raised off beatings but this aint it. Beat him at home stop emasculating kids. I get it embarrass him but this is only going to make it worse. He gone grow up a killer now LOL