Atlanta Teacher's Azz Starts Shaking Like A Stripper While Wiping Off The Board Report

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48178 Videos . Published on Sep 09, 2019

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fuxwitit247 7 days ago

She tryna get the son of a baller....get them young...get them for life.

chia-chia 7 days ago

How you trying to show off for some little kids though. Damn these women are pathetic

meekmillfan 8 days ago

lol she doing it on purpose..nobody ass shake like that erasing a board

meekmillfan 7 days ago

try harder with your 3rd grade jokes...embarrassing af...this isnt the early 90s

zodd 8 days ago

Your moms does.

mrallen912 8 days ago

Shots fired

internet 8 days ago

awwww yeeeeeeeea