When You Marry A Crazy B***h Report

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5737 Videos . Published on Oct 18, 2019

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bigdawg 3 months ago

Gotdayum! You don't marry that kind, you just fuckem. Better check all your co-workers, bet they all got scratches on their backs. smdh

snappy77 3 months ago

Good luck

knutz666 3 months ago

with kids present she thought that was a good idea

Pinchy123 3 months ago

Somebody is really singing no cap.

lilgeorge 3 months ago


brodriguez 3 months ago

Aaahhhaaaa. With grams and the nephews all in attendance lmao

white-mans-catnip 3 months ago

She got some manly looking arms.

money123 3 months ago

Gym class has

alligator 3 months ago

Well it’s their wedding not mine.

bigsen 3 months ago

she is a crazy bitch...

normalthom 3 months ago

Grandma wasn't havin it. She's up and leaving at the end there.
This is a pure definition of LOW CLASS HICKS.

crimson94 3 months ago

So disrespectful lol

maddworld1 3 months ago

Crazy ass