Man Gets Punched And Stomped For Messing With The Wrong Family Report

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8491 Videos . Published on Sep 01, 2019

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zodd 9 months ago

Nice. They should have murked that kracker.

bootlegyourmom 9 months ago

YES! on camera because you STUPID N!GGERS LOVE TO SELF SNITCH and twerk in celebration.
I think it's just in your stupid APE DNA that makes you just like shinny glittery sh!t and your own reflection.

zodd 9 months ago

Kill white people off camera. That makes me happy. "Ape DNA"? Blacks have the purest human DNA.... even cracker scientists would tell you that. .. while you crackers have up to 8% Neanderthal/cave monkey DNA. Oggoe boogie you ape pigger.

sirsmokesalot 9 months ago

Camera man is the thief. But your boy wouldn't steal from you would he?

fuxwitit247 9 months ago

i feel like this was already posted.....

nice 9 months ago

Steal from his grandfather but you niggas steal from everyone. That kracker should come back with a gun a shoot these fucking monkeys.