Wtf Is This? Report

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254 Videos . Published on May 18, 2020

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ericgilbert21 2 months ago

This is one ugly dude

roscoe35 2 months ago

YOU checking out dudes now? Slamming female stunners and checking out dudes. You iz Gay for sure. lol

stfu 1 month ago

u don't have to be Gay to know if a N***a ugly

ericgilbert21 2 months ago

🤣🤣🤣 your hilarious, keep it up 👍🏾

roscoe35 2 months ago

Its a Dumbazz

tbostick2112 2 months ago

Dead people lips

rdavis67 2 months ago

that's a fag!

sagittarius617 2 months ago

This nasty Azz got boogers in his nose and crust all over his lips and mouth. I know he F**king stinks! He needa go home and wash his dirty ass.

greater20 2 months ago

Michelle Obama

silkdrops1 2 months ago

Fxg shit!...and these barbers out here ain’t shit!!!!

johndoemofo 2 months ago

That right there is your typical black man.