He Beat His Momma Boyfriend For Putting Hands On Her Report

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9587 Videos . Published on Aug 01, 2020

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smashhardy 12 days ago

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that yell at the end took me outπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

chiefslap 12 days ago


sageboi 11 days ago


possumsweatyshirt 12 days ago

Yessir buddy! A nice thorough Azz whooping. Even had that old P***y crying by the end

mechele86 11 days ago

Thats what my ex gone get if he ever choke me again or come near me

idonthaveone 10 days ago

My prayers

mechele86 11 days ago

Thats a real man he didnt shoot em he just beat him good

legacy 11 days ago


mechele86 11 days ago

Its ither the beating or jail or sadly the pistol he gt em with his whole self i love it

jape 11 days ago

He earned that shit. Good for the young dude. No man should be puttin hands on no moms.

ericgilbert21 10 days ago

That yell tho

mijhvgvccc279 11 days ago

Lol hit like a bih

mechele86 10 days ago

Once a person lets a threat come out thats something in they mind to do or a person mentally verbally and then physical being abuse like its normal this boy reacted off conversation not me touching him those are the ones u stay away from u ive never touched him but i gt used to hurting me mentally and physically he coulda killed me the last time he choked me in πŸ›Œ Off of conversation ladies please know ur value and worth