Guy Knocks Out Old Woman In Random Attack On A Brooklyn Street Report

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2002 Videos . Published on Oct 01, 2019

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hydratedh2o 1 month ago

this video is a fuckin piece of shit! it doesn't show any hit, for all we know he shoo'd a giant wasp off her head then she tripped after.

bigsen 1 month ago

he need his ass beat 4real 4real

bossgod 1 month ago

Coward ????????????

brodriguez 1 month ago

Piece of shit. That's someone's mom . Hope they find out.

money123 1 month ago

o what

snappy77 1 month ago


liljg28200 1 month ago

Gotta always be aware

knutz666 1 month ago

coward ass SOB

ashaquae89 1 month ago

He need his ass beat

theworldisending 1 month ago

She should have been bobbin’ and weavin’!

bigjay 1 month ago

Bet she white. Why else would they blur out the whole victims body and face. Either way, violence against seniors is a black thing. They attack seniors of all races, but they seem to get more street credit for sucker punching an old white lady. Young black men also like to rape old white senior citizen women. I hope this man is killed. I am not a racist, or stating an ignorant opinion . I have seen news story after news story of black on senior rape and violence. The pattern is always a black man, old white man/woman . Another sickening thing about America is, Black people bye far commit more mass shootings in this country. Since 2019 January, there have been over 270 mass shootings, but you wont see 270 white shooters for sure, but you will always see it on the news for weeks when it is a white shooter. The narrative of the media, the audacity of denial.

lilgeorge 1 month ago

Thats fucked up