Guy Knocks Out Old Woman In Random Attack On A Brooklyn Street


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Crimes  

Tags : guy, old, Knock, woman,

Info : Published on Oct 01, 2019

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hydratedh2o 1 year ago

this video is a fuckin piece of shit! it doesn't show any hit, for all we know he shoo'd a giant wasp off her head then she tripped after.

bigsen 1 year ago

he need his Azz beat 4real 4real

bossgod 1 year ago

Coward ????????????

brodriguez 1 year ago

Piece of shit. That's someone's mom . Hope they find out.

money123 1 year ago

o what

snappy77 1 year ago


liljg28200 1 year ago

Gotta always be aware

knutz666 1 year ago

coward Azz SOB

ashaquae89 1 year ago

He need his Azz beat

theworldisending 1 year ago

She should have been bobbin and weavin!

lilgeorge 1 year ago

Thats F****d up