Woman With Crazy Big Eyes Is Pissed Tf Off


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By: theduck1893

Channel : WTF  
Info : Published on Nov 06, 2019

Tags : roadrage, tiktok,

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normalthom 11 months ago

She needs to say "Tell em Large Marge sent ya!!!" She looks just like her!!!

money123 11 months ago

Remember that NBA

snappy77 11 months ago


bigsen 11 months ago

she's hott..

josephaaneya 11 months ago


chrisgambino 11 months ago


rustyben911 2 months ago

She need little suction on those eyes or some kind of reduction treatment because I saw that eyeballs move she says calm down and then she turns her head and looks at the driver and I bought actually moved first so that's real Sh*t no Fe guys there are lovely got a condition with her eyes must be a doctor out there that can save her I guess she's used it to her advantage to scare people that piss her off