Queens Family Wakes Up To Find Home Intruder Burglarizing Their Home


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Crazy  

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Info : Published on Jun 05, 2020

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blackscorpio1967 5 months ago

It dont even matter what the color of skin.. break into MY home.. you are never leaving. Im spending the next few days killing you real slow.. with torture methods you could never dream of.. and have never seen before.. until you beg for death. Police will never ever be called.. and when the cement dries.. your body will never ever be found. You picked the wrong house bud.

rdavis67 5 months ago

Yep 💯

rdavis67 5 months ago

should have shot that motherfucker. dont make him kneel and beg shoot him

sgtwilliedsnutts 5 months ago

If you do that in NY you're going to jail, thats why I'm glad to live in the south castle law stand your ground #2

hambone212 5 months ago

White guy is racist for saying call the cops on a black man. We all know after any crime they instantly become the victim

blackscorpio1967 5 months ago

He dindu nuffin' lol HE DIN EVEN DU NUFFIN.. Damn.. i shouldnt even be makin' those kinda jokes.. but i always did find that Sh*t funny..

socoto070 5 months ago

Black Lives Matter........right ?

rdavis67 5 months ago

Not when you break in my home

meekmillfan 5 months ago

B***h ruined the video running away

jamesyh 5 months ago

Waaay too much talking