Proof That Racism Still Exist On Texas A&M Campus "Are You A Aggie Or Blackie?" Report

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262 Videos . Published on Jun 30, 2020

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bossgod 6 days ago

All football and basketball players need to transfer stop giving these white racist colleges are talent HBCU WAITING ON YA’ll

hambone212 5 days ago

"OUR" it's our talents! The word youre looking for is our. you ignorant F**k and how about get a F**king education before you start instructing others how to decipher theirs.

yuko23 5 days ago


bossgod 3 days ago

Don’t matter clown 🤡 my ppls know what I mean sucka the truth hurts coward eat a Dxck P***y boy

loveyoubaby 6 days ago

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