Off-Duty Cop Kills Man Over A Parking Spot Report

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9539 Videos . Published on Jan 22, 2020
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An off-duty Richmond police sergeant fatally shot a man who took a gun out of his vehicle and approached the sergeant during a confrontation in a Vallejo shopping center parking lot earlier this month.

Police identified Eric Reason, 38, of Vallejo, as the deceased man and Sgt. Virgil Thomas as the officer. Richmond police said Thomas has 27 years with the department.

According to a preliminary investigation by Vallejo police, Reason, a rapper known as "CheddaMan", was driving away from gas pumps in the shopping complex when Thomas pulled his personal vehicle into the shopping complex in the 500 block of Fairgrounds Drive around 5:25 p.m. on Nov. 10.

Both cars stopped facing each other and Thomas honked his horn to warn Reason of his immediate presence. Thomas pulled into a parking stall and got out of his vehicle. Reason stopped his vehicle perpendicular to Thomas' vehicle, rolled down his window and yelled at Thomas, police said.

Reason then left his vehicle and walked within inches of Thomas while shouting profanities at the sergeant. Reason walked back to his vehicle, opened the hood and retrieved a rag containing a gun, police said.

Reason approached Thomas with the gun and Thomas fired a shot at Reason in response to an observed threat. Reason fled with the gun and raised it at one point, and Thomas then shot Reason, who was pronounced dead at the scene according to police.


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kingshawn 7 months ago

Dumbazz pulled a gun. Deserved what he got. One less asshole in the world.

fhhfbfbdje 7 months ago

Lol did CNN put on that title!

chickenlivers 2 months ago