North Carolina Man Claiming To Have Covid-19 Shops At Walmart! Report

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5664 Videos . Published on Mar 22, 2020

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blacksupremacy1 11 days ago

Whites have always had strange diseases from the caves...they were covered in shit for thousands of years...and they are liars.

blacksupremacy1 11 days ago

This guy is a clown. There is no covid 19. They're putting in 5g and they want u locked down for that

blacksupremacy1 11 days ago

The nature of whites is to infect others that's why I never touched an ugly white beast wan and stay well away from white demon men.. filthy monster s is what they are....fuck you too demons.fuck you too

tsantini250 11 days ago

He's a fucking pussy and a weirdo

blackfact61 10 days ago

He thinks he is in control wait until the symptoms hit him! My advice to him would be go head and die because your service nor action will not be Needed!