Dude Catches Hands In The Hood For Allegedly Stealing Someone's Dog Report

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48188 Videos . Published on Sep 09, 2019

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fuxwitit247 14 days ago

You got atleast 12 wild dogs in your neighborhood, find a new one...

meekmillfan 14 days ago

he missed alot an didnt even knock him out....L

fuxwitit247 14 days ago

He was taught by Meek himself...

meekmillfan 12 days ago

nah, Meek can fight. i seen him knock out multiple people before he got famous

nice 14 days ago

Damn BLACK LIVE MATTERS. Beat his ass for a dollar.

white-mans-catnip 14 days ago

The only dog worth a dollar is your mom.

nice 14 days ago

Your mom the nigga whore ain’t worth shit I would not fuck that bitch with your dick. You fucking nigga