Lol: Guy Gets Dropped By Gay Dude At The Mall


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Info : Published on Jul 21, 2020

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roscoe35 3 months ago

I have never seen a redneck or a wetback or a wap or guiney act out like this committing assaults in a mall but this scene plays out every day in Fuccery America. I wish so much that Niggres were left in Africa. George Washington should have put all of them on a boat. Too bad he didn't have the foresight.

fw14119 3 months ago

know your history F**k turd we were here before we got swindled of our land by cave dwelling monkeys. Who raped our women after killing us in our sleep. Go back to your country we are already home.

monkeyhunter 3 months ago

F**king black niqqers at it again. They want people to embrace that violent terrorist group Black Lazy Monkeys but you see this Sh*t and just want to spit and shoot them.

roscoe35 3 months ago

I don't see native Americans fighting at the mall either. The niggres should be made slaves under rule of the Native Americans. That would be reparations for the right crowd!

roscoe35 3 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

roscoe35 3 months ago

No matter how much you complain you are not going to educate them. Better they get Kung Flu and die!

rdavis67 3 months ago

typical behavior. blacks fighting at the mall. In birmingham alabama blacks shooting at mall several times in the last year. typical got to resort to violence. animals

kkcrispy 3 months ago

bruh what the F**k N****s need to learn how to fight goddamn