Sad: Girls Jumped A Mentally Disabled Girl After She Supposedly Called The Police On Them Report

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1055 Videos . Published on Jul 23, 2019

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benevoletracist 2 months ago

Go to Liveleak and click on the WTF box. When you get there click on box # 2. These bitches are begging for mercy now.

domeasolid 2 months ago

They’re all weak for that shit, smh...taking their frustrations out on that girl... They all need their ass whooped...

penutt 2 months ago

They are going to regret this shit on several levels!

realhated 2 months ago


popcornpimp 2 months ago

Great job, Black single mothers.

suckyducky 2 months ago

They all going to jail and hell

seerock 2 months ago

Dem hoes the retarded ones