White Lady Pulls A Gun On A Black Woman After Her Husband Allegedly Almost Hits Them With Their Car Report

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992 Videos . Published on Jul 02, 2020

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greenrod 1 month ago

Honkies are seriously crazy. White dog should be locked under prison

honeybearloco 1 month ago

White people tired of getting snuck,can you really blame her with how people are acting now and days?😂especially black people,whoa is me.but if I want to F**k some Sh*t up And black lives matter.😂then you got this F**king idiot rog instigating.this website done for me.

bossgod 1 month ago

White ppl tired eat a Dxck B***h boy black ppl tired of you white ppl wish a cracker try that to me I keep mines on me too so we’ll see who got aim for real you definitely a clown 🤡 suck my Dxck P***y

stupid cracker B***h

roscoe35 1 month ago

Empty that gun on that mother F**king niggr Roscoe style. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

channon113 1 month ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

dt2nbh 1 month ago

She lives in Michigan shes as good as dead

person 16 days ago

that's Abby

maddiewhereru 15 days ago

why dont you post the full video

johndoemofo 1 month ago

The entire video is posted online, you n*ggers were trying to intimidate and fight a pregnant white woman and older white man. She had every right to put a gun on you. POS n*ggers!