Woman Chokes Out A Female After Being Harassed & Then Gets Jumped By A Group Of Girls Report

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8584 Videos . Published on Aug 18, 2019

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legacy 11 months ago

Direct hit to the face with some kind of glass..

penutt 11 months ago

That is somebody's mama so I hope them hoes remember that when people come from that Azz

mrallen912 11 months ago


realhated 11 months ago


suckyducky 11 months ago

Pimp choked her fyi dont let me see no more of my comments used as a title on IG unless I'm getting paid

mindbodysoul 11 months ago

Get that money gf!

mindbodysoul 11 months ago

What a sad video smh this Sh*t needs to stop frfr

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

Rog is this ur family reunion or something.....lol