Mother Threatens To Sue After Being Banned From School Property


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By: coldirtybastard

Channel : Crazy Women  
Info : Published on Oct 15, 2019

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fuxwitit247 12 months ago

A women on her period is a horrible thing. Period.

bigdawg 12 months ago

Damn, where are the dudes in white suits?

slickrick00 12 months ago

oh yea no reason she got trespassed haha. too much birth control make women even more loony tunes

bigsen 12 months ago


money123 12 months ago


mindbodysoul 12 months ago


rustyben911 12 months ago

Same thing happened to me

callmewhatuwant 29 days ago

As an educator, I would like her to be BANNED from school buildings until all the global warming is complete in the world!!!

gimmieasmallslice 12 months ago

She definitely needs her kids taken from her. It seems she's trying to stay at that school to make sure her kids don't talk about what's going on in the house