Nurse Quits After Supervisor Attempts To Send Her To The Covid-19 Infected Floor.. Knowing About Her Previous Health Conditions!


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Sad  

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Info : Published on Mar 27, 2020

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manmadddd 8 months ago

They did the same thing to me. Girl you should have said ok then went on break. Come back n tellem the pt died by the time you got their, you know how the hospital love confusion and he said she said. Lolol ol lol

jaythehard 8 months ago

They 're going to track you down and they are going to investigate you and I hope you go to jail saying and probably doing evil Sh*t like this!

awe310 8 months ago

There should be no drama at hospitals at a time like this Employers stop tripping really you know everyone suppose to stay inside so stop saying you r fired or I'm going to have to fire you

xinfektidx 8 months ago

OSHA standards. look it up.. she should not have quit BUT showed thet the osha standards.

jaythehard 8 months ago

Good Riddance you selfish B*tch!