Girl Gets Smashed In Front Of Her Friend On Facebook Live By A Stud! Report

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915 Videos . Published on Aug 01, 2020

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southeastbeast 8 days ago

🤣🤣🤣 what does the stud get out dis🤔..

jape 8 days ago

Absolutely nothing. Literally the biggest simps on the planet.

zodd 8 days ago

The dike gets to feel some what a man feels like.. boosting her mental illness of sexual dysphoria.

fckurthoughts 8 days ago

She needs a REAL Dxck

tonyofficial 8 days ago

The dildos are two sided.. lmmfao

fckurthoughts 8 days ago

She needs a REAL Dxck

dwyn 7 days ago

The funny part is the stud acting like her stroke game is on point 😂😂😂 how you gonna take credit for something you could have gave to her and said hey do it yourself 😂😂😂

dwyn 6 days ago


tytheguy 6 days ago

You spelt white boy and white girl wrong

dwyn 6 days ago


guest1 8 days ago

Looks to me like they not doing nothing

mrallen912 8 days ago

What the fuck is going on here

dbiggs 7 days ago

Besides me, are there any straight people left?

db135i 8 days ago

The stud gets the control....there like weak men.....

jordanv23 6 days ago

Its all mental for studs they need help their mentaly screwed up they wanna be ol boy who was takeing they shit bck in the days

johnjohn6380 8 days ago


jaygambla 7 days ago

Funky man bitches

rocksteezy 7 days ago

Clout is a hell of a drug but what does the dyke get out of this other then a beat up pussy from all that humppin lol

hambone212 7 days ago

Black girls do this cause they dont want to fuck black men after the black man fuck his homeboys cause niqqers are gay af

atp2 2 days ago

Got damn he she looking bitches this shit hella fucking wack

clrice90 8 days ago

Names? Source?

dynasty089 7 days ago

This is the same girl (stud) that got her ass beat by her gf on live a week back lol. Smh

possumsweatyshirt 6 days ago

Seem like this stud need some stroke lessons...

Nasty ass bitches wonder why white girls are winning