CNN’s Chris Cuomo Wants All The Smoke With A Guy That Called Him “Fredo” Report

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170 Videos . Published on Aug 14, 2019
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benevoletracist 7 days ago

He is Fredo because CNN took sides against the family. Look CNN is just his side job. He owns a Chuckie Cheese and he's the guy you complain to when the pizza sucks or the root beer is flat.

fuxwitit247 7 days ago


reaihated 7 days ago

I met Chris once he came to my anus bleaching clinic cute guy

realhated 7 days ago

as michael savage once said "liberalism is a mental disorder"

fuxwitit247 7 days ago

And conservativism is a virus worse then HIV

normalthom 7 days ago

What a douchebag.

fuxwitit247 7 days ago

He probably learned it from you...

benevoletracist 7 days ago

Cuomo. They tell me and I don't know but they say he's Sicilian, so that means he's got the gene. He's part eggplant.

bootlegyourmom 7 days ago

He will forever be called Fredo

fuxwitit247 7 days ago

And your the color of

bootlegyourmom 6 days ago

You're showing your level of intelligence.
It's funny that you assume that just because I go against your beliefs that I'm WHITE.
I'm not white and more than one race can't stand you.
Brainwashed Low-Life Monkeys

fuxwitit247 7 days ago

Better than your nickname....pedo

bootlegyourmom 7 days ago

Hummmm bootlegyourmom does not really sound pedo.
But I guess when you're as stupid as they come, that might make sense.

Let me're the color of sh!t.


fuxwitit247 7 days ago

Chris Cuomo will cut you....

bootlegyourmom 7 days ago

Chris Cummmo "Fredo" eats Don Lemmons cum. FAX