314 Videos . Published on Jul 25, 2019

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sowhatnℹgger 7 months ago

Microsoft has sent me an e-mail stating suspicious activity was detected, determined, and derailed, in my account and so they had to shut it down. The only one in the world who has that brand spanking new e-mail is Rog.... I literally invented it just for Flyheight. I had to go to microsoft dot live dot com in order to get back into the account, because ROG compromised the account, bait, line, and sink it.... Rogs breaking the law according to the FTC. Federal law at that. Rog has been turned in for cyber crimes. It will be investigated, charged, sentenced, then imprisoned. Flyheight will be apart of its past... And nobody will no longer be employeed by the hacking sewage skinned pubic head it is

sowhatnℹgger 7 months ago

Cool story niggerr. Try feeling sorry for Rogs criminal behavior... He's been caught

theduck1893 7 months ago

You really have serious issues! Feel sorry for you ??

zodd 7 months ago

Its because your IP address is flagged by the FBI for all that child porn and bestiality videos u watch and share. You sick fcuk.

sirsmokesalot 7 months ago

I was a young man when I seen Duk Koo Kim fought Ray Mancini. It was a nationally televised fight and it was something I remember like it was yesterday. RIP.

benevoletracist 7 months ago

Blame the ref and the ring doctor

benevoletracist 7 months ago

I knew a homosexual troll named Rob Bryce. We used to call him Fudgie. He hated blacks with a passion. He's dead now, something about getting his wheelchair stuck on the tracks in front of a train. Anyway he bullshitted this Aryan Brother into getting him into the Aryan Nations and all was going good till the membership board found out he was a pole smoker. You should have heard that butt pirate pull the fag card and yell discrinination-----sowhatn i gger sounds just like him, ghost in the machine I guess.