His Dad Is Signing Him Up For Driving School After This


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Info : Published on Mar 20, 2020

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masterclass2020 8 months ago

That kind of Dumbazz toxic environment will never be good for him especially when he's tryna build his confidence I hope that wasn't his pops. Dude got his license he wouldn't have if he didn't at least know the basics just chill out and let him try and be a good supportive parent instead of arguing with him like a kid

dabaggz 8 months ago

Young fukn punks

therese7129 8 months ago

I remember my white friends in high school would talk to their parents like this....

biggdoggbiggg 8 months ago

no lie this is how my dad should me how to drive but he hit me to so if all this dad dose is yell hell , I change dads with him sure