Pussy: Man Assaults Elderly Delivery Driver For Delivering To Wrong Address


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By: yrnnick

Channel : SMH  
Info : Published on Jul 21, 2020

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greenrod 2 months ago

P***y roscoe35, hit and run. That's all they can do neanderthal ape clown

jape 2 months ago

The dude filming is white. You can literally see his pink hand numerous times. racist F*****t

rdavis67 2 months ago

N****r did that. typical needs to be caged. by the way tell your momma i need my shower and toilets scrubbed.. SAme pay she gets to give me some top

greenrod 2 months ago

rdavis67 not only are you blind but deaf too. You neanderthals are getting found out day by day and by the dummies action done like this Dumbazz fool in the video. Neanderthals your European caves are calling for your return, Humanity is way too hard for you to stay on level with the rest of the human race

benevoletracist 2 months ago

Actually you don't see the punch land do you ???

greenrod 2 months ago

you see he's pinky hand on the left edge side twice. He's white just deal with it. Plus his voice sounds definitely white. White People do this all the time lol.......

ericgilbert21 2 months ago

Why tho