Man Accidentally Bumped A College Football Player Inside A Queens Bodega.. So He Grabbed The Strap & Shot Him!


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Info : Published on Jul 29, 2020

Authorities arrested a man caught on camera walloping a SUNY student and star football player in the face at a Queens deli, then following him outside and shooting him in the stomach, leaving him badly hurt, police said Wednesday.

The NYPD identified the suspect in the attack at a deli on Springfield Boulevard as Jeffrey Thurston. He is now in custody, NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison tweeted Wednesday.

Video shows Thurston start to argue with the victim as he tries to walk by him inside the deli, according to police. It's not clear what was said, but Thurston is allegedly the man seen on camera punching the victim in the face.

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sgtwilliedsnutts69 4 months ago

That B***h N***a who pulled the gun aint Sh*t

rdavis67 4 months ago

sarge you are right thats why he is using a gun

sgtwilliedsnutts69 4 months ago

"Roger That!"

chiefslap 4 months ago

Rule number 1 if you see a skinny malnourished man acting extra... he's more then likely has the resources too be a B***h and pull a gun 9 /10 times

hdeleones 4 months ago

BLM..fixing the problems in the community. Nice no police involved. Defund the police...

rdavis67 4 months ago

BLM only when its white on black of cop on black. What you just saw doesn't matter to them as they dont care. Its called hypocrisy

deathstroke2g 4 months ago

When it’s BLK on BLK someone always go to jail for it, even the wrong person at times, but when White on BLK the WHITES get a pass because he was scared for his life, even though he instigated the situation. ALL THE TIME‼️‼️‼️That’s why we don’t scream BLK Matter when it’s BLK on BLK, JUSTICE ALWAYS GETS SERVED‼️But y’all wanna play dumb and casually forget that part oh ok

deathstroke2g 4 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

robert421 4 months ago

Bro really though? Why is he standing in the middle of the store. Terrible that this happened.

person 4 months ago

"Watch where you walkin B***h nigga"