Racist White Girls In Black Face Create A Rap Song Dissing Black People Report

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262 Videos . Published on Jun 25, 2020

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greenrod 11 days ago

Honkies are dumb seriously

roscoe35 11 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA So what do you foul N******s think about that?? HAHAHAHAHAHA

kuttboi86 10 days ago

I wish I kould kill yo punk P***y azz u a whole B***h even on the internet inbreed

roscoe35 10 days ago

HOw does a niggger like you speak from the dead? I thought I got all the niggggers on this thread. BUt just in case. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt. DIe nigggger mother fucker DIE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

diva 10 days ago

Why so bitter Roscoe? Somebody black either screwed your mother, sister or girlfriend. You are a little too butt hurt. Go to therapy it’ll help get the image of the BBC out of your head.

roscoe35 10 days ago

Nobody likes foul Nigggerdom C**k smoker

thehazeofourlives 10 days ago

These little pink B*****s WILL be bouncing on some BBC within 3 to 7 years. #Facts You Pinkertons SHALL be F****d out existing. LOL

kuttboi86 10 days ago

u soft Azz P***y azz krackaz kutt yall face off wit dat Sh*t still on it I bet yall kudnt whoop nann N***a yall dissin

ndamix 10 days ago

Let me get tht location...I got some females tht wanna pull up!!!

greater20 11 days ago

I hope to see more videos like this. Great song ladies. Those blackies calls each other that word every second.

kuttboi86 10 days ago

Fuk the B***h u kame out of dat should have swallowed yo incest born azz F*****t fuk u krackaz need to die on mi soul

diva 10 days ago

No talent, no rhythm, and not entertaining. We all know the best music comes from us. Your musical hero’s have been stealing styles, cadence and performances from us for years...Elvis, Justin Beiber, Brittany Spears I could go on for hours but y’all can hold this L😂😂😂

roscoe35 10 days ago

Someone tell Stacy niggger to keep to smelling assholes and sucking Dxck and then DIE B***h Azz MOTHER FUCKER DIE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

roscoe35 10 days ago

Is Tyrone still looking for his dad? Try the zoo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA