Lizzo Making Her Azz Clap In Just A Thong Report

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48540 Videos . Published on Jan 13, 2020

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bucknasty 12 days ago

her thighs clapping not her ass

detroitpain 12 days ago

Thigh meat ????????????

audrey2 12 days ago

She needs some real she can stop putting herself out here like this. Just saying. And it has nothing to do with her weight.

pacman33 12 days ago

It’s really her thighs clapping but She’s an A for effort I’d still beast fuck her for a new car

bigdawg 12 days ago

Yeah, but would you drive her around in it, in daylight?

pacman33 9 days ago


jigga007 12 days ago

She’s going about trying to be accepted the wrong way,, showing your nasty ass is not the way!!

hiram357 12 days ago

????????????????not butt clap then all thigh sounds

money123 11 days ago

Get it girl

darkchild78 8 days ago

???????????hmmm, yea that's her thighs not her ass???????????

kingshawn 12 days ago

Nasty fat bitch

rockyobama 11 days ago

I would definitely do some thangs with that big bitch..all night long

teddylee 5 days ago

Her thighs are the only thing clapping

batman20 7 days ago

You know what even though its her thighs and not her ass I'd still fuck her. Looks like she got some good.