Man Killed His Own Friend In Daytime Shootout In New York


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : New York  

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Info : Published on Sep 02, 2020

Shooting in Williamsburg

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dabaggz 3 months ago

I watched this Sh*t a hunnit times and still can't see a guy across the street shooting

alexxus46 3 months ago

I think they are talking about the man on the right side in black , above the dude w/backpack

yuko23 3 months ago

Tryna be a cold hearted gangsta should’ve hit da floor my man, wtf lemme jus stroll 🚶 to the car cuz gun shot don’t scare me head Azz

sirspankalot 3 months ago

Chill dawg... dat nyuggah tryna brag to da homies after "they was shootin' n u know me.. dont give a fuq"

hdeleones 3 months ago


ericgilbert21 3 months ago

That is sad

executive 3 months ago

Imagine if he told himself that he shouldn’t be hanging around those guys but never listened to his inner self?

realhated 3 months ago

I bet the same man that shot the gun marched in a george floyd protest.

sirspankalot 3 months ago

as always nyuggahs cant shoot for shit... BLM y'all